Animal Attack - Your Air Ambulance Stories

“A bull in the field next to me had escaped”

“I was feeding my cattle late one evening, as I would have done each and every evening. On this particular evening, I was unaware that a bull in the field next to me had escaped. The animal approached so fast that the next thing I knew, I was impaled and ended up with serious life-threatening injuries. My son had meanwhile gone searching for me after I hadn’t returned and found me semiconscious. He called for help immediately. The ambulance was delayed as it was already involved in another event in the locality. The volunteer Rapid Response doctor who was on the scene first stabilised me by giving me appropriate levels of pain relief. I was transported by the Ambulance Service along with the accompanying doctor on the long journey to the closest Centre of Excellence hospital. Thankfully, the outcome was good and today I’m back on my tractor though more vigilant than ever before of local livestock.” – Tom

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