“I’m so grateful to Air Ambulance for helping me when I really needed it”

“I packed my motorbike and I set out for a relaxing spin from Waterford to Valentia. I’d gone ahead to buy new motorcycle boots in Cork and was planning on meeting my friends on the way, when suddenly, I found myself in big trouble. When I left home, I never thought I’d spend the morning in a helicopter going to hospital; I’d been involved in a motorbike accident with some life changing injures, thankfully someone called 999, and tried to comfort me from the pain. I was lucky that within minutes, the Air Ambulance was hovering overhead I could not believe how fast it all happened then the Air Ambulance quickly brought me to CUH, and after a month in hospital I could go home.

It could have been so much worse, as a biker, we’re so vulnerable and reliant on other road users to be vigilant but I’m so grateful to Irish Community Air Ambulance for helping me when I really needed it.  Now they need us, it could be you they help tomorrow or a family member, so donate now”.

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