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Ground Services

Ground Services


You might not know this but it’s not only #HeliMed92 working to save lives in communities across Ireland. We also have ground services doing the same each day. We have a network of Volunteer GP’s and also Rapid Response Vehicles that donate their free time to helping save lives in their localities.

Volunteer GP’s

Since 2008, ICRR had funded the training of Volunteer GPS’s throughout Ireland. These volunteer doctors are tasked via 999/112 call dispatchers at the National Emergency Operations Centre, and when available, they attend serious life threatening medical emergencies in their own locality. This access to medical care well within “the golden hour” often mean the difference between life and death.

When a person calls 999 or 112 regarding a serious medical emergency, if an Irish Community Air Ambulance Volunteer GP is available in the area, they respond to provide medical care to those in need.

Rapid Response Vehicle Locations

The RRV’s are fully equipped to assist the volunteer doctor behind the wheel to make life saving medical interventions for serious life-threatening incidents at the roadside, these RRV’s are also tasked through the NAS NEOC 99/112 call taking facility. Our RRV’s are equipped with four-wheel drive and will be stationed in Clare, Dublin, Donegal, Meath, Kilkenny/Waterford, Laois/Offaly, Mayo, Roscommon and Kerry.

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