Our Impact - Community Air Ambulance
We have been saving lives in communities across Ireland but we need your help to keep doing what we do.
We were  tasked to 490 incidents in 2020, our first full year of operation.          
We were tasked to incidents across 13 counties.
Amongst the other incidents responded to were;


  • 81 cardiac arrests
  • 74 general trauma calls
  • 73 general medical calls
  • 46 farming accidents
  • 29 falls from heights

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2021 so far…

We have already been tasked to 127 incidents across nine counties during the first three months of 2021. The figures represent a 21% increase compared to the same period last year when there were 105 call outs.


Figures show that March was the single busiest month since the start of the year, with the Air Ambulance being tasked a total of 47 times. There were 41 missions in February and 39 in January.


           32 hours flying time

            32 Cardiac Arrests.

Amongst the other incidents responded to were;

  • 18 road traffic collisions
  • 18 farming accidents
  • 15 general trauma calls
  • 15 general medical calls
  • 10 falls from heights
  • 4 equestrian incidents

The taskings have increased year-on-year for Q1 by more than 20% already this year and this shows that demand continues to grow for our Air Ambulance service in Ireland. The Air Ambulance is airborne in under four minutes of being tasked by the National Ambulance Service, and is thirty minutes away from most of the areas within its catchment. Ireland needs our service, and this service needs the continuing support of our community fundraisers and corporate supporters. This year will be a significant one for our organization as we grow and expand and continue to help those who need us.


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